Beautiful decorations for home

Beautiful decorations for your home. All shown here with photos and a mood-board to get the idea. It is different for everyone, but for me, my place became a home when I started decorating. There is always the question, where do you start? Probably to start in your living-room is always a great idea. From there you can go step by step to the other rooms.

As mostly your living-room will be the main attraction you should carefully think how to decorate. Trying to find colors and shapes which fit together. Side tables are come in very handy to place small objects, like candles, photographs or flowers. Try at least to have some flowers or plants in your living room.


This plant is very popular for its odd and funny zigzag shape. Mostly seen in Scandinavian interiors. It is called a Corokia or zigzag plant.

Some other great ideas are to make groups with little items you love and create a still-life.




Hermès blanket

Vitra home decor

Dar accent chair



To see more styles and decorations for your home, have a look here.



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  1. Josefine
    November 11, 2017 / 15:12

    beautiful website and great decoration ideas!