Decorations for Easter, here are some ideas

Decorations for Easter, here are some ideas

Decorations for Easter, here some ideas. Are you all set for Easter? On Sunday 16.04.2017 and Monday 16.04.2017 we are celebrating this year’s Easter. I have found some ideas for you to decorate, including photos and a mood board. I also have found a recipe for some very cute looking Easter cupcakes from garnish and glaze.

Why do we celebrate Easter with chocolate and eggs? We have to dig a little bit deeper to answer that question. It started in the 1500’s with a legend that a rabbit was laying eggs and hiding them in a garden. Later the nests were replaced with beautiful baskets and painted eggs, as well as chocolate and candy. Nowadays we all enjoy this beautiful feast of the resurrection of Jesus with beautiful decorations and treats.

If you are not set for Easter yet, here are some ideas to help you on the way.

White chocolate Easter cupcakes with mini eggs as decoration, you can find the recipe here.

Easy to decorate, some twigs with paper cut easter eggs in black and white.

All white decorations are used to create an elegant look. Just very simple, but with a great impact is this white baskets with eggs. You can also add some white feathers or a white ribbon for the final touch.

Mood Board by THE VIRTUAL STYLIST(efashiondiva7) on Polyvore.

In the end, result in a mood board where it all comes together. I wish you all a beautiful and happy Easter!

Mud Pie pie dish

Black and white home decor

Handmade home decor

Holiday decoration

Easter home decor

Easter Decor



For more decoration ideas have a look here.


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