Gucci Princetown leather slippers

Gucci Princetown leather slippers

I ‘ll bet you have spotted them for a while now, the ultimate Gucci Princetown leather slippers. Love it or hate it? I must say I fell in love with them. The question is why? I think because of the cozy, comfy and relaxed look of it. Although I am not a big fan of real fur, so that is a minor for me, but the look I must say is very pleasing. Luckily they come without fur as well.

Amanda Shadforth blogger from Oracle Fox

Gucci Princetown slippers fur

They come in different varieties and colours. Let’s have a look.

Gucci Princetown slippers leather

Gucci Princetown slipper no fur

Gucci Princetown slippers pink

Gucci velvet slipper in bright pink

Gucci Princetown cyan velvet slippers

Gucci cyan velvet slipper

Gucci Princetown GG Blooms slippers

Gucci GG Blooms slipper

Not to forget famous blogger and influencer Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox is wearing the Gucci Princetown slippers already for a while now, see below.

In the end, it is more a question of taste, rather than to love it or hate it. For more ultimate fashion trends have a look here.

*First photo from Vogue.

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