Some of my favourite Beauty products

Some of my favourite Beauty products

Today I show you some of my favourite beauty products. I take very good care of my skin, because I find that very important. One thing I have learned is moisture and more moisture. Your skin needs moisture and good products are important. It doesn’t mean you need the most expensive cream there is. There are many good products out there for a reasonable price. Every skin is different, that is why you need to test what’s best for your skin. In many shops you can get samples to test.

soap and cream-1-10

I am not here to recommend these products, this is pure what I have experienced and I also love the look of it. My skin type tend to be a little bit on the dry site, that is why I have chosen these products. What is good for my skin, does not necessarily mean that it is also good for your skin. That is all very personal.

soap and cream-1-16

One of my favourite hand creams is LA BRUKET with the flavour of Lemon grass. So fresh and very suited for a dry skin like mine.

soap and cream-1-11

The soap is from COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE, love the smell of it, is free of colouring agents, animal fats or synthetic surfactants and dermatological tested. Always good to know. You can also refill it, because you don’t want to lose this great looking bottle.

soap and cream-1-9

The Dark circle Perfector is from Kiehl’s, with a sun protection of SPF 30 a very fine product which is easy to lubricate. My eyes look very bright with this product, which is what we want.


Soap – Compagnie de Provence


Hand cream – LA BRUKET


Dark circle perfector- Kiehl’s

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